DKN3BP Newlong Sewing Machine Spare Parts

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of DKN3BP Newlong Sewing Machine Spare Parts

Sell ​​spare parts newlong dkn3bp sewing machine needle and needle bar lever parts:

part number description
p / n b18001 needle (uo144g 200)
p / n 56 clamp nut
p / n 772 141 needle bar
p / n 56154 needle bar bushing, lower
p / n 51154e needle bar bushing, upper
p / n 772 101 needle thread take-up
p / n 22570a screw
p / n 772131a needle lever ass`y
p / n 772 131 needle lever
p / n 51254k needle bar connection
p / n 22562a screw
p / n 22 564 screw
p / n 52336a link pin
p / n 666-149 lubricating felt
p / n 660-215 retaining ring
p / n 56354d connecting link
p / n 77 screw
p / n 56350d needle lever shaft
p / n 93a screw
p / n 660-625 "o" ring
p / n 56350f compression cap
p / n 772 051 ring, rubber
p / n 56350e thrust collar, needle lever
p / n 51250d washer
p / n 51250f gasket
p / n 22586r screw
p / n 22894e screw
p / n 772031a needle ass`y lever ball joint, upper
p / n 22559g screw
p / n 56 316 needle lever connecting rod
p / n 771033a crank shaft ass`y
p / n 51216m needle roller
p / n 56316c connecting rod guide
p / n 12934a nut
p / n 772 071 needle bar
p / n 772 081 needle holder
p / n 91d screw

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